Care for a new place?

There are a lot of reasons that you would be excited when a new development is happening in your neighborhood. It could be because you are getting a new amenity close by or may be because the latest property development can totally gentrify the surroundings making you let earn more from your real estate property. It is obvious that a place which is well connected and also has good amount of amenities will fetch your property a great price.

What if we tell you that the newest place to come up is a library?

Wouldn’t you jump for joy, because when we say it is a library, we are also talking about the greenery that will come along with a big garden that will be surrounding the place and a small little lake with living marine life and a great cafeteria close by where there will be regular book reading sessions and contests held along.

A lovely playground:

Who would not love to have additional green space around their house? And a quiet park with kid safe playing equipment like slides, swings and monkey ladders? It would be dream come true especially because the nearest park from your house is at least a mile away and the traffic conditions are too congested for you to drive your children up to there and let them be unsupervised while you catch up with your routine.

The development is done in consonance with the urban spaces development rules:

The entire area housing the library and the other amenities is designed and built having done complete research into the amenities that are required y your neighborhood. While every little care is taken to ensure that all small details are taken care of, we invite the general public from the area to study the project carefully from the public domain and bring any anomaly that there be to the attention of the public works. Any suitable suggestion that we can use will be rewarded and honored with a mention on the plaque.